Inspiring opportunities for every child in Chelmsford

Chelmsford’s Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) is still in early days. However, it is already is committed to ensuring that no child misses out on the opportunities to create, compose and perform, visit, experience and participate in arts, culture and creative learning. 

Realising this commitment together we believe we can provide inspiring opportunities for every child. We believe all children and young people should be able to experience great art and culture whatever their background. Championing creativity and innovation will make space for skills and jobs for a 21st century economy. One that is dynamic as well as unpredictable, and in which the creative and cultural industries will play a major part. Through unlocking new relationships with local employers we can broaden the opportunities available in Chelmsford supporting and developing a creative workforce. 

Local Cultural Education Partnerships are an initiative of Arts Council and the Department for Education which encourages to improve cultural education for children and young people in their local area. By joining up schools with cultural organisations and businesses creating a growing movement for more and better cultural education across the country. This is in response to the Cultural Education Challenge that urges for possibility that every child can have the chance to visit, experience and participate in extraordinary work, and be able to know more, understand more. 

In this early stage we are conducting some local research to gain a snapshot to deepen our understanding of the key priorities in the Chelmsford district. We are also looking to map out what is happening already and what has the potential to be developed or amplified.  This research will contribute to supporting the development of a high level two year programme of activity which will be used to make the case for funding to get Chelmsford’s Local Education Partnership off the ground.

To get the ball rolling we will need to work with a wide range of local partners from schools, businesses, cultural organisations and creative practitioners to make sure all children and young people, and their families and carers, take part in high-quality cultural activities that are relevant to their lives, meet their needs and raise their aspirations. By coming together, we can provide inspiring opportunities for every child, giving them a brighter future.

This early development is being led by Ignite Chelmsford, supported by Chelmsford City Council which is administering the surveys.  

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