Water, Art and the City

A week-long programme of events has been planned to spark creative conversations about further enhancing Chelmsford’s waterways.  Chelmsford’s relationship with water Credited as ‘the birthplace of Radio’, Chelmsford is known by many for its pioneering role in communications technologies, manufacturing and engineering. However, with two main rivers flowing through the city centre, Chelmsford’s identity is also built on its waterways.  … Read more »

Chelmsford Community Radio Developing and Celebrating Young Talent

Guest Blog by Michelle Durant CCR Chelmsford Community Radio started in 2013 and we gained our FM license nearly 5 years ago. We are proud of the wonderful platform that has evolved over all this time and how it benefits local people of all ages. Hopefully many of you will… Read more »

Chelmsford – a Dementia Friendly Creative and Cultural Community?

Written by Nikki Wilson One in three people will develop Dementia, 50-500 children are diagnosed with Dementia each year and the youngest case in Essex was only nine years old.  It’s a disease, of the brain, of which there are approximately 100 known types, and there’s currently no cure.  Statistics… Read more »

GET INVOLVED! Chelmsford Heritage Open Days 2021

EXCITING NEWS! Empty the larder, preheat the oven, and set the table – the theme for Heritage Open Day’s 2021 is Edible England. From woodland foraging to factory floor, forgotten recipes to regional delicacies, we’re asking our festival community to explore the past, present, and future of our culinary heritage… Read more »

Behind the scenes with Chelmsford Light Parade

I am Adrian Deakes, I taught in Essex for nine years before working at Victoria and Albert museums (V&A) for 17 years. I was Education Manager at the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden then Programme Manager for Performance at the main South Kensington site. A member of Ignite! and a… Read more »