Celebrating Essex 2020

With over 500 events, competitions, exhibitions and recordings, it has been a brilliant year of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) right across Essex. As Essex 2020 -Year of Science & Creativity draws to a close, plans are actively underway to build on this legacy in 2021. Chelmsford’s… Read more »

Saying goodbye to Chelmsford Creatives

Saying goodbye to Chelmsford Creatives

Claudia and Neve are two of the founding members of Chelmsford Creatives. Since 2018, they’ve helped deliver fourteen projects and events, alongside other local young people. With the programme approaching the finish line, Claudia and Neve reflect on their experiences and say goodbye to Chelmsford Creatives.  Meeting with a large… Read more »

Let’s talk about Climate Change

A new climate summit will be run by young people in Essex next year. The summit will be held in Chelmsford and is backed by Chelmsford City Council. It’s the next stage of ‘A Manifesto For Essex’, set up to give children and young people a platform to share ideas… Read more »

Resonance: Wilding Chelmsford

Throughout the recent period of covid 19 inflicted lockdown, people have sought outdoor spaces such as woods, waterways, meadows and nature reserves as a way to cope with the strains and pressures that being away from friends and family has put on their well-being and mental health. Now is the… Read more »

The Great Connect

“The Universe provides us with such awe and wonder yet in recent decades humanities response has been to begin to terminate the planet – the facts of climate change are indisputable. We can no longer see ourselves as separate and need to respond in an holistic, inclusive way.” Steve Mortimer,… Read more »