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28 May, 2019
Business Support for ambitious Creative, Cultural or Digital Businesses

South East Creative is a brand new programme from SECCADS that includes fully-funded (free) specialist mentoring support aimed at businesses in the Creative, Cultural or Digital Sectors, which have significant growth potential.

Eligible businesses will be matched with an appropriate specialist Mentor to work alongside them to help to achieve their growth potential.

The programme will run to December 2020, and as well as our High-Growth Business Mentoring programme, it offers a range of other services including events and networking opportunities and a grants programme.

What kind of business support is on offer?

  1. Delivery of High-Growth Business Mentoring is in the form of 1 to 1 mentoring sessions for a defined period (e.g. 2 hours per month for up to 6 months). Your Mentor will be hand-picked from The Consortium (a professional organisation that is delivering the mentoring support for SECCADS).
  2. Mentoring sessions provide practical advice and guidance on how to grow your business e.g. strategic planning, new or niche markets, audience and client development, commercialisation opportunities, securing finance, developing and protecting your brand/IP, product design, e-commerce and digital marketing, leadership development, public relations, marketing communications, market research and project management.

In discovering your growth potential, you may identify opportunities for employment growth within your organisation, and we’ll help you with that too.

How do I know if my business is eligible?

Eligible businesses will be:

  • Small/medium sized companies (up to 250 employees, but often much smaller). Businesses can be Limited Companies or Sole Traders and can be voluntary, community or social enterprise organisations.
  • Located in Essex, Thurrock, Southend, Kent/Medway or East Sussex.
  • Working in the creative, cultural or digital sector (see overleaf).
  • Having the ambition and potential for significant growth, especially growth in employee numbers.

How can I find out more and apply for High-Growth Business Mentoring?

Simply email or call 07919 182327 for more information and to apply.
We’ll need you to complete a simple application form and a short telephone interview. Your
application will be processed and, if eligible, a Mentor will be assigned within 10 working days – you
can then arrange your first session.

To be eligible for High-Growth Business Mentoring with South East Creative, your business will be one of the following .

Advertising and marketing
70.21 — Public relations and communication activities
73.11 — Advertising agencies
73.12 — Media representation

71.11 — Architectural activities

32.12 — Manufacture of jewellery and related articles

Design: product, graphic and fashion design
74.1 — Specialised design activities

Film, TV, video, radio and photography
59.11 — Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
59.12 — Motion picture, video and television programme postproduction
59.13 — Motion picture, video and television programme distribution
59.14 — Motion picture projection activities
60.1 — Radio broadcasting
60.2 — Television programming and broadcasting activities
74.2 — Photographic activities

IT, software and computer services
58.21 — Publishing of computer games
58.29 — Other software publishing
62.01 — Computer programming activities
62.02 — Computer consultancy activities

58.11 — Book publishing
58.12 — Publishing of directories and mailing lists
58.13 — Publishing of newspapers
58.14 — Publishing of journals and periodicals
58.19 — Other publishing activities
74.3 — Translation and interpretation activities

Museums, galleries and libraries
91.01 — Library and archive activities
91.02 — Museum activities

Music, performing and visual arts
59.2 — Sound recording and music publishing activities
85.52 — Cultural education
90.01 — Performing arts
90.02 — Support activities to performing arts
90.03 — Artistic creation
90.04 — Operation of arts facilities

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