Amber Nyoni




People on Work Video Interview


I am a public health practitioner working for Chelmsford City Council supporting the Local Authority’s approach to public health. Over the last 4 years I have been involved in a wide variety of projects supporting the development and delivery of the City Council’s district-wide Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

I am pleased to be involved with the Ignite Chelmsford Cultural Partnership as I value the contribution of different sectors to public health. I am enthused by the recognition of the role that culture and arts play in health improvement and helping to build connected communities.

I am also a member of Livewell Chelmsford, the City’s local Health and Wellbeing Board and a member of the Mid Essex Alliance, a wide partnership forum focusing on addressing strategic health and wellbeing issues.

My educational background started with completing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Public Health and I am now working on completing a Master of Science in Population Health at University College London.