Amie Wigginton
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I am the Founder of Parlour Catering and local resident to Chelmsford.

I was born and raised here, moved away to live in London for 10 years and came back after my daughter was born in 2018.

Parlour is focussed on being a traditional-style Indian kitchen providing more authentic flavours from my Grandad’s heritage. I had experienced a lot of great food while living in London and felt when we moved back that Chelmsford was lacking in some more traditional restaurant experiences.

Whilst on furlough from the music industry I started up Parlour – providing a lockdown takeaway service.

Since then I’ve been able to expand into local restaurants & venues across Essex to host pop-ups & supper clubs, whilst also taking bookings for private event catering, networking & office lunches, hosting as a private chef and more recently starting up a new brand specialising in luxury events, workshops & retreats with my business partner Sam – ‘The Wild Hearts Club’.

I am particularly passionate about bringing a change to the cultural diversity to Chelmsford and have worked with Ignite and Chelmsford Council on think-tanks surrounding cultural growth of the city and how we could potentially adapt and evolve the city centre and what goes on in and around it to support a more vibrant culture.

I am keen on helping the City grow in terms of a wide variety of food and drinks from around the world and love working with local business Voodoo Keller Bar to bring Parlour Presents.. starting off with my own events but in 2024 will be branching out to being able to host other chefs, cooks and creators from various backgrounds in hospitality.

Palm leaf thali tray set on a table filled with indian foods