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I have loved DJing from a young age. I love all genres of music and have my own collection of vinyls.

I live in Chelmsford and have lived in Chelmsford my whole life. After leaving school after my GCSEs I attended Colchester Institute working on my other other main passion – filming. I love to combine my love of DJing with my films. In 2021 I made a film called ‘Steps To Becoming A DJ’ where I interviewed a DJ from Rollerworld in Colchester ‘DJSummer’ and a famous grime DJ ‘LoganSama’, from this documentary I earned myself a distinction in my first year at college.

In September 2021 I played on the main stage at my first festival, Street Eat and Beats, in Chelmsford and in October I won a DJ award with Keep it 100 Essex, a charity supporting young people. Through the award I was introduced to CCR and am now part of the CCR team. I hope to continue to develop my passion for music, become more involved in events in Chelmsford and my dream is to headline at a festival.