Florence Chan






With over a decade of international experience, I am an advocate and campaigner for sustainability and equality to create a fairer environment for children. My commitment to community engagement has led me to develop strategic plans for advocacy initiatives and organise international events featuring influential speakers.

At esteemed institutions like London Business School, Ivey Business School, APRU and other INGOs, I have coordinated various research projects and publications in collaboration with government departments and research centres. Additionally, I founded an educational centre that provides creative learning experiences for young children.

My postgraduate studies in counselling have enriched me to support and mentor individuals effectively. As a dedicated mentor, I cherish the opportunity to share my life experiences with children and help them achieve their dreams. I am passionate about engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas and encouraging collaborative actions to improve our world.

I am adaptable to different cultural environments and thrive on creativity and partnership across a diverse range of global projects.

Email: hello@ignitechelmsford.org.uk