Indigo Moon




South Woodham - Elmwood and Woodville




I’m a freelance writer and artist who specialises in creative activism. My work focuses on themes from queer pedagogy, environmental justice, nature, neurodiversity, mental health, and feminism to minimalism, intentional living, introversion and witchcraft.

I’m passionate about creating change using creativity by leading my own projects, such as, Earth 23, my first exhibition; Earth Euphoria, a collaborative zine exploring the climate crisis from marginalised perspectives, and Creative Being, a project using creativity to amplify positive change and marginalised voices.

I write about my personal experiences as an autistic gay woman and enjoy highlighting topics or issues which are often seen as taboo or unimportant. I was brought into the creative sphere in Chelmsford through The Art Place. A project of Ideas Hub Chelmsford. I had the opportunity to work at The Art Place as a manager, curated my first exhibition in the gallery and been able to sell my art.

I’m grateful to be connected to the creative community in Chelmsford as I’ve been given wonderful opportunities that have added exceptional value to my career, creativity and personal development.

Currently, I run my own art and writing studio – Sapphire Moon Studios – creating eco-stationary, prints, stickers, and zines. I also work as a freelance writer for DIVA Magazine.