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Hi, I’m Leanne!

I founded The Chelmsford Drama Centre in 2017. After working as a professional actor and teaching for performing arts companies across Essex and London, I felt that there was no company or theatre school that catered purely for students interested in only acting. It was also a deep passion of mine to make sure students were always treated with respect and kindness by teachers and fellow students.

The Chelmsford Drama Centre started off as one Saturday class but over the last few years has grown rapidly. We now teach 6 days a week over multiple locations, have over 150 students per week and teach across Chelmsford and London. Even though The Chelmsford Drama Centre is a small company, we have Big ideas. Our passion for our students and how they flourish is at the very foundation of what we do, we always want to inspire young minds and help them to thrive in the world using the skills we can teach them.

There is a huge demand for socialising clubs and after school activities but softening the scariness of that by having the students come along for a specific reason (think of yourself being told to socialise which loads of strangers – I would find that terrifying, but send me to a drama class and I’m there!) Young people in particular that suffer from anxieties in social situations can come along to Drama or LAMDA, never being forced to form attachments but allowing them to create friendships by sharing what they love with other like minded people.


We create life-changing opportunities through drama and performance for people to change themselves, their community and the world.


We create spectacular theatre and performance opportunities that celebrate people’s differences and encourages their unique presence in the world. We bring people together to find lasting friendships, develop their talents and create experiences they will never forget. We work with the community to engage and uncover talented and like minded people from all walks of life.


Joy – important to be joyful – we should remember to find the joyful things in life. Laughter and joy are the things we remember. We work with joy, we encourage joy. It’s infectious and we want to spread it. By infusing joy in all things, we learn and lift our moods and spread joy to those around us.

Email: hello@ignitechelmsford.org.uk