Lisa Brazier








Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a Beach School Practitioner and run Beach School Explorers (Beach School is similar to Forest School but at the beach!).

Beach School raises awareness about the local coastal and river environments and teaches children how they can help sustain it for future generations.  We do regular litter picks and have raised money for the CPPC (Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition) who are the umbrella for Surfers Against Sewage.  I encourage children to explore, create, Learn New Skills and Build Self Esteem Outdoors.

Beach School is a completely new and unforgettable way for children to immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean, rivers and coastlines. I aim to improve the knowledge of their local coastal environment by connecting them with nature; opening their eyes to this amazing world and inspiring them to care about the future of our earth.

We explore various beaches, rivers and coastlines. A favourite pastime is crabbing and this is a great way to see creatures up close and in their natural environment. We teach kindness and respect for sea-life and learn interesting facts by looking up information in various books we get from the local libraries. We explore rockpools and tidal lines for starfish, hermit crabs, Mermaid Purses (Shark egg cases), Anemones, shrimps, sea urchins, mussels, periwinkles etc.

Each creature has a story to tell and we explain through storytelling to engage the children in their finds.  We visit rivers and sketch wildlife, wildlife tracking and practice mindfulness with poems and river tales that the children create. We visit the Coastguard and RNLI and raise awareness of safety near open water.

I am also a keen cold water swimmer and host Mental Health Swims every monthly.

I am interested in volunteering some time monthly or in school holidays and have lots of fun creative ideas to share.