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I am a professionally trained Oral Storyteller with International experience in, Morocco, Holland, Northern Ireland and Canada. Most of my work is in the UK, part of my work is at Festivals, such as; the Cambridge Folk Festival, ‘Kenya in The Park’ (largest festival of its kind in Europe); Barking Folk Festival; Chelmsford Art & Culture Festival; ‘On The Green’; ‘Into The Wild Festival’; Larmer Tree Festival; Hare Moon Storytelling Camp; Folk East; East Anglian Storytelling Festival and many other small festivals. I also told stories in numerous Schools; Private Schools; Alternative Education settings; Mental Health settings; St Ethelberga’s Peace and Reconciliation Centre; for Sight Impaired Groups; in an HMP Prison family visitor waiting room, several times; At Bushcraft Camps; in Woodlands& outdoor settings; in Yurts; on a Canal Theatre Boat; in a Willow dome; on an ex- Pirate Radio Ship; in Church’s; from a Beech Hut.

I am a resident storyteller at an Alternative Education Setting, I am also a regular storyteller at an Outdoor Bushcraft Camp in Surrey and also for local Mencap students. I also run storytelling workshops, to increase oral storytelling/speaking and/or story making skills, which are useful for almost any situation. When confidence and an ability to speak or tell a good story are needed, such as in interviews and at speaking events, storytelling skills are invaluable and fun to learn.

During Lockdown, I was commissioned three times to curate and host an International Online storytelling events. I sought and curated a collective of storytellers for these events and also for one National storytelling event. I am also the Co-Curator of the Storytelling and Spoken Word at the ‘Into The Wild’ Festival, every year. Increasingly I am being asked to speak or perform at events, that have a strong Nature connection. As I spend a lot of time in nature and I spend approximately 10 weeks in a year, living in a wood, where I help teach Bushcraft.

One of the advantages of getting older, I have found, is that my skill set, keeps increasing. My skillset is also quite unique and as a result, I get invited to do many interesting and diverse projects, in Essex and further afield. This in turn means that I have a very diverse portfolio of bespoke pieces of work, that I have to design and deliver. I often combine my storytelling with my other qualifications/skills/experience, which are, I am a trained Workshop Facilitator. I also work in a children’s Self Directed Learning Community (outdoors all year). I also teach Bushcraft in several locations. In addition, I also have two separate qualifications in Psychotherapy, as well as training & experience in in Ecotherapy.

My hobbies include, researching folk, faerie and mythology stories, photography, observing animals in nature, foraging, wooden spoon carving, walking, wild camping.