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8 Apr, 2020
Ignite Chelmsford COVID19 Response: We Are Listening.

In past few days, all our future plans and ambitions have been under the microscope, but what has been magnified is the essence of Chelmsford’s creativity and resilience.  

The Ignite community is made up teachers, artists, shopkeepers, chefs, musicians, poets, technicians, curators, digital wizards… bright creatives, and champions of our city. This extraordinary situation is placing huge strain on communities everywhere, but Ignite Chelmsford is still here and listening to your needs. We will use our networks to source and signpost to advice, opportunities and support – helping you to navigate the noise 

Ignite Chelmsford will continue to meetup and promote whilst we collectively wait for a return to normality, whenever, wherever and whatever that looks like. 

From afar, the impact of the Coronavirus didn’t look real. And now it is. We’ve had a bit of time to acknowledge how our collective and individual reality has shifted. Many of us have been spending these days between contradictory impulses, because as a society we’ve gone from 100mph to 10mph in the space of a week. Things seemed safe… and then they weren’t, things seemed secure… and then thedidn’tFor so many in isolation, or for keyworkers working under pressure, the future may look further away than ever. With unknown timeframes we find ourselves in this liminal space – a disorientating place of uncertainty and change 

This emergency tests our capacity in combining empathy and action in confinement, as well as social distancing (which many of us are still trying to adapt to).  

The important protective measures in place that limit physical contact are very much counter to our human nature. However, we will work with our partners to provide a sense of connection and solidarity to continue showcasing and promoting local talent. 

Our monthly Ignite meetups that pop up in different pockets of the city as a platform to share creative ideas, challenges, inspiration and learn from others will pop up online 

The Ignite Chelmsford Partnershipwhich is made up of 16 individualsbrings together a rich representation of voices representing our community to steering the development of Chelmsford into a cultural destinationThe partnership continues to meet online.  

Lastly, the Ignite team are still here to help join the dots. From brain food to keep us sharp in these times, to discovering routes to employment and sourcing career advice to finding fundraising and investment expertise and support to develop your project or enterprise – whatever stage you are at. 


In the upcoming days, weeks and months Ignite Chelmsford promises to:

Launch a new e-newsletter providing links to opportunities, support and inspiration Stepping up our responsiveness. Send us your questions via Twitter, Facebook and email Use any down time to continue the creation of an online forum, as a place for discussion, information and peer-to-peer advice Publish our directory of registered creatives businesses, groups and individuals in Chelmsford Continue our Ignite Chelmsford Meetups – even if they are online

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