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8 May, 2019
Ignite Meet-Ups Needs You!

After one year Ignite is planning the next season of events, this time round we are opening up how they are run – making sure we stick to our principles of representing the collective needs, views and ideas. Do you know of some good speakers or of a cool place to host an event? Are you a good host or barperson? Could you market the events or write a follow up blog post? Running a successful event requires a core group to ensure that things go smoothly, so the call goes out to you! This month A Canteen on New London Road will host our casual meet up to chat about what’s next for Ignite, so drop in any time Thursday 9th of May between 7pm-9pm.

Our meetups launched in Chelmsford City Theatre as a way to share ideas, get some inspiration and learn from people in the arts and culture. Since then the meet ups have been non-stop each month in different locations all over the town where the creative community can support each other and have a chat over a drink about a topic that you might not have explored before.

We are looking for a few key players to join a small team who can help plan and carry out the next 6 months of events. Suggested themes we would like to explore are:surrounding wildlife, waterways and nature, local libraries and changing places for the community, mental health, disabilities and the arts. Commitment is low key and should only consist of a few hours of work a month on a task you feel capable you can carry out a brief list of possible tasks are:

Bar persons
Setting up and managing the bar, clearing away and returning stock

Welcome hosts
Welcome newcomers, taking emails, setting up the room, ensuring everyone feels involved

Introduce speakers and ensure speakers finish on time, open the floor for questions!

Blog writers and marketing opportunities
Write up the event on our blog site keeping people up to date

Event planners
Explore themes, research and book speakers, equipment, venues and music.

If this feels right for you drop a line to with what you would be interested in working on. Or come and see us tomorrow at A Canteen between 7 and 9pm for a chat about it! No experience is necessary but if you have any relevant skills that might be handy please feel free to mention them! Please email your interest by the 30th May!

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