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28 Jan, 2019
Tender Opportunity: Essex 2020 – Year of Science & Creativity

In the early summer, leaders from Essex County Council, Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford City Council, Chelmsford Cultural Development Trust and Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society convened to explore Essex 2020, an idea for a county wide, year-long celebration of Creativity, featuring science, engineering, the arts, cultural events, festivals and community projects, culminating in the British Science Festival at Anglia Ruskin University which comes to Essex in 2020, for the first time in its entire 189 year history.

The objective of Essex 2020 is to harness and expand the opportunity provided by the British Science Festival coming to Essex. To spark curiosity, foster innovation and create new ways to engage people and communities, especially to nurture youthful talent.

People often think of science and art as separate and different things, but they’re not. Both science and art attempt to understand and describe the world around us. Both equally important with great value in integration, particularly in learning and educational settings. We need to prepare our future leaders, scientists and teachers to think creatively, to apply their knowledge in creative ways to solve the complex problems they’ll face in the future.

Essex 2020 will create a sense of pride across the County, celebrating all that is great about the County historically, now and in the future, promoting:

  • Essex as a great place to invest in and develop business
  • Science, technology and innovation and especially opportunities for young people
  • A legacy that enthuses people and communities about Essex in years beyond 2020

    Essex County Council, as the lead commissioner, is looking for a person or organisation to:

    1. Collate and map a cohesive events programme ahead of 2020, led by ECC, lead partners and stakeholders. Where required, engage with new organisations and groups to ensure as much as possible there is a geographical spread throughout Essex and across of a mix of disciplines.
    2. Coordinate the financing of the festival including fundraising and sponsorship
    3. Organise and attend regular meetings with various project groups and boards including the Strategic Board, Steering Group and other working groups to join up conversations where necessary.
    4. Oversee the successful delivery of a programme, ensuring the partners and stakeholders have the required support.
    5. Work with communication and marketing colleagues to develop a strong brand and a marketing and PR strategy.
    6. Oversee the commissioning of monitoring and evaluation activities.

      Download a .zip file containing all the tender documents

      NOTES: Please read in full the specification of requirements, Terms and Conditions, and the evaluation and pricing matrix attached before completing your RFQ response.

      The evaluation is based on Quality Pass/Fail, and then the lowest price. Bidders that do not pass the Quality will not have their price considered. Please note that every question details the response method. Please do not exceed the page limits including but not limited to appendices/links/Hyperlinks unless stated otherwise. Any additional data will not be considered.

      If you have any clarifications then please e-mail them to before 8th February 2019.

      The RFQ will need to be completed in full and e-mailed to by 12 noon on the 13th February 2019. Any responses received after this period will not be accepted.

      Image Credit: Blog post by ©Catherine Sarah Young, Venn Diagrams, Brainbows, and Saying Hello to My Younger Self

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